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Health Conditions Are Not Always Apparent

Our knowledgeable FCMC Radiology team can provide comprehensive imaging services. We acknowledge that health conditions may not be visible at all times. With state of the art technology, we can take a look at the internal performance of your body. This allows our physicians to diagnose and highlight medical issues at the earliest possible moment.

Mammography Room

“Procedures are performed by a staff of highly qualified and experienced technicians using state of the art equipment and technologies”

Radiology Services 

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Give yourself the best opportunity to catch breast cancer at its earliest stages by beginning screenings as recommended by your physician. Take advantage of our 2D and 3D mammography services to detect changes that may indicate early signs of cancer that are too small or deep to be felt. At our facility, you will find enhanced comfort, highly trained radiologists, and receive the highest standard of care. 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a technique that allows doctors to see inside the body in great detail without using X-Rays. Allowing us to address our patient’s questions and concerns our radiologists use this scan to diagnose, assess treatment, and detect disease or injury.

Computed Tomography

Our Diagnostic Imaging team uses Computed Tomography, or CT, to produce detailed images of organs, bones, soft tissues, and blood vessels. These scans allow our doctors to diagnose conditions such as cancer, musculoskeletal disease, lung disorders, and more.

Digital Radiology

Technicians are longstanding FCMC employees that deliver compassionate radiology services to the community. Digital Radiology is the term for a general X-Ray exam that captures clear, precise images. Offering detailed views X-Rays help our doctors diagnose a wide variety of conditions including bone injuries, infections, arthritis, and cancer.

Bone Density

Bone densitometry is a simple test that measures the strength of your bones to determine if you have osteoporosis, even before you start to experience any symptoms or suffer a fracture. Our technology provides great comfort for patients, and our staff is dedicated to providing high-quality exams and timely results.


Ultrasound scans create an image of a specific part of the body. The images provide valuable information for diagnosing and treating a variety of conditions and diseases. Taking pride in our many years of experience providing prenatal imaging we capture images of your baby for you and loved ones to save for a lifetime.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine examinations produce images that can help our physicians diagnose a specific disease or disorder and capture images of infections or tumors in specific organs. Using small trace amounts of radioactive materials we can determine the cause of a medical condition based on the function of tissue, bone, and organs.

Providing world-class care for our patients we give detailed results in a comfortable and friendly environment close to home.  

Ultrasound Room

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