FCMC Emergency Route Access During Rodeo Parade

route access map

To ensure access to FCMC emergency services during the rodeo parade, the area highlighted in red on the map will be barricaded off to provide a lane for ambulance and emergency services access. (Northeast corner of Oneida/100 East and the mow strip between the sidewalk and curb to the entryways to the hospital and ER ambulance entry). Officers will be stationed at the intersections to assist to keep the area clear and direct parade and people, if needed.

For those who need access to the ER but are not in ambulance transport, you can approach from Oneida and let the officer know you need to get to the ER. You can also call dispatch at 208-852-1234 or FCMC Emergency Services at 208-852-0137 for additional assistance.

The safety and well-being of the community are our top priority, and we are preparing in every way we can to mitigate accessibility issues during the parade. Please help us by keeping this area clear of cars, chairs, and people. The space will be monitored to keep the path clear and ready for potential emergency use. 

Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Click here to download the pdf.