LPN Program Graduation

LPN Graduation

Licensed Practical Nurse Program Graduates

We are delighted to congratulate our recent LPN graduates! The program with Idaho State University started last fall and is part of Franklin County Medical Center’s commitment to providing people in our community careers in healthcare. All current graduates and incoming students are certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and completed the necessary prerequisites for admittance.  Students and recent graduates were also CNAs at either the hospital or the long-term care facility. As part of the hands-on learning, this group of graduates completed over 400 hours of clinical experience. Callie Bosworth, Program Director stated, “It has been such a wonderful experience teaching these students. They work so hard and are so committed to their education.” For the upcoming semester, two students will be joining our second cohort into the program.

LPN graduates for 2019 are Jordin Swainston, Cristal Griffeth, Payden Christensen, and Kaci Avery.

LPN Graduates

For those interested in participating, this is an ongoing program available to anyone in the community who completes prerequisites and their CNA. Idaho State University conducts admissions and acceptance, with FCMC accommodating up to four students. The contact for ISU is Tiffany Elsberry 208.282.3998. Applications are due in February with classes starting in August.