Growing Expectation


Proper pre-natal care is the most important start in a new baby’s life. At Franklin County Medical Center, our goal is to offer pre-natal, post-natal and well baby care to our patients and community.

Growing expectations is a program for expectant mothers to offer guidance and treatment from early stages in your pregnancy to delivery.
We do all the research for you so that your pregnancy from start to finish is a very special and positive experience that you will not forget!

Let us roll out the red carpet for you!

  • Childbirth Education Classes
  • Comprehensive Breastfeeding Program
  • Health and Nutrition Information
  • Financial Information
  • Goodies to Pamper Mom-to-be
  • Information about our New Baby Bundle
  • 3D Ultrasound Information
  • Information about Community Assistance Programs
  • Information about our Physicians
  • Courtesy Pre-Admission Services so that when your Special Day Arrives we can Focus on You and Your Baby, not Admission Forms


“I chose to have my baby at Franklin County Medical Center because I feel like I get better one-on-one care and I know I can trust the medical staff.”
-Suzanne Galloway, Preston, ID

“I feel like my needs are always met. Really friendly staff. I have had all four of my children there and can’t imagine going anywhere else.”
-Jill Harris, Preston, ID

To learn more about our Growing Expectations program, call us at (208) 852-4172.