New Medical Office Building


We are excited to get our Medical Clinic, Urgent Care, and Specialty Clinic all under one roof. Though the medical clinic has moved, the specialty clinic will not move until early February. This means even easier access to quality coordinated healthcare from the routine check ups and screenings, to the unexpected and unusual. 


With this move, Willow Valley Medical Clinic will now be known as FCMC Medical Clinic.  So, while the location and name are changing, the services and providers remain the same.



Our little community just continues to grow and we need to expand to meet the demands of today and plan for tomorrow. This means bringing in new physicians. This also means we need more space to comfortably accommodate the new services they provide. Right now, we are bursting at the seams of our current facilities and are excited to announce the addition of the Medical Office Building (MOB) to the Franklin County Medical Center campus.

This two-story building resides on the NW corner of the FCMC block and is the new home for the Medical Clinic and Specialty Clinic. It will house 20+ patient rooms on the main floor, complete with bariatric capabilities. The second floor will have 10+ rooms on the second to service the specialty clinic, along with a multi-use boardroom.