Franklin County Medical Center’s Season Hull Named National Noble Caregiver of the Year

Preston, ID –  September 7, 2023 – Season Hull, a dedicated Certified Nurses’ Assistant (CNA) at Franklin County Medical Center (FCMC), has been awarded the American Health Care Association’s (AHCA) Noble Caregiver award for its 2023 AHCA Awards program.  This recognition underscores her exceptional commitment to caregiving, shedding light on the profound impact she has on the lives of those she serves.

Hull’s journey within the tight-knit Preston community and FCMC began five years ago when she joined as a bath aide in the Transitional Care Unit (TCU), a skilled nursing facility. In this role, she found fulfillment in forming authentic connections with residents.

“Bath aide is not a glamorous job, but it is fulfilling,” reflects Hull, emphasizing her early experiences. Her innate ability to build meaningful bonds allowed her to provide personalized care and companionship to those entrusted to her.

One poignant memory encapsulates Hull’s charisma, charm, and genuine care. “I once worked with a lady who loved The Wizard of Oz, and we would sing ‘Over the Rainbow.’ 

Even when she was affected by dementia, she would still join in,” Hull shares, her voice laden with emotion. This dedication highlights Hull’s commitment tocreating joy for her residents.

Another heartwarming instance revolves around sharing a simple cup of coffee with one of her residents. “She was 101 years old and the cutest little thing,” During this moment Hull fondly recalls the resident’s lively song rendition of “I love coffee, I love tea, I love the boys, and they love me!” This encounter represents the genuine connections Hull fosters, even through the most mundane interactions.

Hull’s journey is one marked by resilience and growth. Acknowledging the profession’s challenges – from physical demands to emotional intensity – her unwavering enthusiasm and genuine passion for caregiving make it a vocation that she cherishes. Season attributes her success to the support of her colleagues and the residents, showcasing the familial atmosphere that defines FCMC. In her nomination, Director Rachelle Oliverson shared, “Our Mission is to create cherished experiences for our guests to fulfill their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. Season is the best example of living this mission as she promotes truly cherished experiences for each of our residents, their families, and the other staff members.”

In a moment of reflection, Season recalls a particularly challenging day. “There was one day when I went to the spa and screamed into a towel. That was all I needed,” she recounts. Her remarkable resilience and commitment to caring for others were demonstrated as she swiftly resumed her duties with renewed determination. This moment underscores the genuine joy she derives from serving her residents and peers, even on the most demanding days.

residents celebrate Hull’s impact. Kristie expresses, “She’s awesome. She deserves this award so much. Couldn’t pick a better person.” Another resident, Kim, echoes this sentiment, describing Hull’s unwavering support in times of distress and joy. “She goes the extra mile, it’s not like a job, she wants to be here. She’s cried with me, she’s laughed with me, worried with me, helped me overcome, helped me walk! She is so pure.”

The National Noble Caregiver of the Year award is a tribute to those like Hull, who rise above their roles, leaving an enduring impression on lives. Their dedication showcases the essence of caregiving, selflessly impacting those they serve.

With humility, Hull reflects, “I enjoy my job. It’s to help the residents and my coworkers– there isn’t any reason why I can’t help other people.” As she envisions her future at FCMC, she foresees continuing to provide advanced care within the TCU, leaving an indelible legacy on her residents.

Hull’s commitment exemplifies the heart of a noble caregiver. Franklin County Medical Center acknowledges her exceptional contributions, affirming that Hull’s light will continue to illuminate, touching lives and hearts along the way.