Budget Update: 2014

Laboratory Blood Culture Analyzer Replacement

The Board approved the purchase of a replacement for our 2006 Blood Culture Analyzer.  The instrument enables rapid detection of the presence of bacteria in the blood stream.  We have been able to detect septicemia in as little as 2 hours which can make a critical difference in a patient’s treatment as well as their outcome.  Detecting septicemia rapidly can reduce costs by shortening a hospital stay and may ultimately save a patient’s life.

The instrument is the BacTec 9050 Blood Culturing System which features fully automated fluorescent sensor technology and advanced algorithms that provide rapid detection of slow growing organisms.  The system also features data management systems with barcode scanning capabilities to provide rapid entry into the instrument and linkage to patient information.   The estimated cost is $12,500.

2014 Budget

The Board reviewed the Draft Proposed Budget for 2014.  This had previously been discussed by the Board Finance Committee.  The Budget projected 2014 Patient Revenues of $20,148,719 — up from 2013 projection of $19,283,134.  The Draft also projected Total Operating Expenses at $15,564,747 — up from 2013 projection of $14,592,400.

Remodel Project

The board approved to finance the first 2 phases of a hospital remodel. The funds have been secured through USDA Loans. The remodel includes remodel of the hospital nursing station, two new Labor and Delivery rooms, increased overall privacy, control, and accessibility, as well as remodel of the Hospital front entry, visiting surgeons clinic, waiting areas, and business office.